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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your device by your Internet browser at the request of a website you are visiting. Text values are stored in this file, which are then sent back to the originating website on every subsequent visit.

Static Cookies are stored on your device for a defined length of time until removed or until they expire. These cookies are very common, and are often used to remember your preferences between visits, or to recognize your device as distinct from another device.

Session Cookies are temporary files created to maintain a session between your Internet browser and our server. Session Cookies are deleted when you close your browser. Always finish your session by logging out and closing your browser, which in most modern browsers will ensure that your session cookie is deleted.

Why Guidescapes uses cookies

Guidescapes uses cookies to establish your preferences for this website, and to provide you with features such as the personalized delivery of certain information. Guidescapes collects anonymous visitor statistics assisted by the use of cookies which provide us with general and not individually specific information. Guidescapes will not attempt to identify individual users, nor associate any statistical information collected with any individual user. Guidescapes makes every effort to avoid storing sensitive or private information in these cookies. You can disable a cookie by clicking the Opt Out button for that cookie. You can also opt in later if you change your mind. Guidescapes recommends using your Internet browser's cookie management screen to set your preferences for all cookies and all websites from a central location, rather than on each website you visit.

Disabling Cookies

You can usually disable all or some cookies in your Internet browser's preferences screen, or set them to be deleted when the browser closes. Disabling or deleting cookies for this website may result in the display of the cookie consent message on all pages and on subsequent visits, preventing dismissal of the message.

Cookies used by this website

The following cookies are used on this website. If you choose to opt out, these cookies will not be used during your visit and the features associated with them will not work. If you do not opt out you are signalling your consent for Guidescapes to store these cookies on your device and to use these cookies. Please note that you will need to set these options individually on every separate device or Internet browser that you use to browse this website. Historical cookies, stored by a previous version of this website may not be listed below, and can be safely deleted. See your browser's help section for instructions.

Statistics & Device Identification

Static Cookie:b
Purpose:To track usage statistics anonymously for this website, and to gauge the number of unique visitors over time. Statistics are restricted to this website only, and are not used to track your activity across other websites. To identify this device when logging in to a private area of this website, so as to protect against unauthorized access to your account.
Benefit:Providing adequate functionality and accurate services and information
Data Collected:Your IP Address, Operating System, Browser Type (User Agent), Date & Time, and the pages of this website that you visit
Data Stored in Cookie:A unique number/ID for your browser
Duration:1 year from creation/update
Preference:You are currently using this cookie. Opt Out


Session Cookie:s
Purpose:To maintain your session while logged into a private area of this website
Benefit:Providing personalised and/or protected information to you and not to an unauthorized party
Data Collected:Your Browser Type (User Agent)
Data Stored in Cookie:A unique number/ID for your session
Duration:20 minutes from creation/update. Normally deleted by your browser when it is closed.
Preference:You are currently using this cookie. Opting out will prevent you from signing in to the login area of this website. Opt Out

Cookie Preferences

Static Cookie:c
Purpose:To record the cookie preferences you set on this page.
Benefit:Remembering your preferences between visits.
Data Stored in Cookie:A list of numbers indicating which cookies to opt out of
Duration:1 year from creation/update
Preference:You are not using this cookie.

Updated: 2015-08-12

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